RESEARCH | Phytogeography


Biogeography can be defined, generally speaking, as the geography of living beings, among which we include plants. Phytogeography, strictly speaking, refers to the study of plant distribution. The goals of this scientific field encompass the study of the size and shape of the distribution areas of the different taxa and creating models of these via hierarchical systems according to the degree of affinity between them.

Currently, our knowledge of Valencian flora and that to be found in the adjacent territories has increased notably, not just from the taxonomic viewpoint (numerous taxa have recently been described, many of which are endemic), but also in terms of the number of chorological citations collected. This progress in our knowledge of flora, together with developments in the statistical analysis techniques used in phytogeography, enable us to approach in-depth quantitative studies of the flora of a particular region and compare it with others.

At present, our group is working on the quantitative analysis of the flora of the Valencian regions/counties, as well as establishing phytogeographical divisions in terms of the presence of different taxa. Likewise, we are participating in applied studies, in which the knowledge of the floristic component of a region is of importance.

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