RESEARCH | Conservation ex situ


The conservation of wild plant species in the Germplasm Bank of the Jardín Botànic, University of Valencia, necessitates active research to be carried out by a research team directly linked to the Germplasm Bank unit.

Furthermore, all the basic activities involved in the harvesting and preparation of seeds or spores for their long-term conservation, in the Germplasm Bank, encompass the following aspects:

  • Study and adaptation of new conservation techniques ex situ.
  • Optimum germination conditions of the seeds and spores.
  • Studies into rapid aging of seeds.
  • Testing new sowing techniques in situ for habitat restoration.
  • Breeding plants to be reintroduced into their natural habitat.

What is more, the Germplasm Bank unit collaborates with other research activities being carried out in the Garden, like anatomy, taxonomy or analysis of genetic diversity, to, respectively, resolve issues related to weekly covering, unviable seeds due to hybrids, or in order to program harvesting most effectively.

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