MULTIMEDIA | Audio-guide

Listening to the Garden

Walking through El Botànic is a delight to all five senses: our eyes meet a gleaming green shelter in the centre of the city, we smell a mixture of perfumes, emanating from the leaves, wood, flowers, earth and water and, “listen” to it through the voice of our guides, or through the audio-guide.

The audio-guide system at El Botànic is similar to those offered by museums and historic buildings world-wide, thus, the Garden, like a living museum, enables us to learn more about what we see than the information we can gather from the labels and signposting.

With 82 information points, the route stops at the most interesting and attractive spots, and one can either follow a pre-established order or wander freely, taking advantage of the spots we find on our stroll. One only has to press the number on the device corresponding to the information point and we can hear the botanical characteristics, historical data and most outstanding points of interest of each plant and each spot. The audio-guide is available in three languages: Valencian, Castillian and English, and affords another additional facet of the scientific and teaching resources offered by the Garden.

Download the audioguide leaflet

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